MTV Roadies 6 : Kolkata Audition : 6 December : Summary

Roadies will always be fun to watch; despite everything. You will still tune into the show; Saturdays @ 7 to see how quirky and weird people can be on how they are ripped to shreds by these two "predators". BUT, and thats a huge BUT (huger than Kim Kardashian's =p~) when IDIOTS and I mean "sabse crazy cheez: suicide attempt"-IDIOTS get through; you feel let down because:

a) You know already that XYZ person is gonna suck on the show.

b) You begin to doubt the show's intentions and the judges' intelligence. I mean, they are smart people who know the ways of the show, yes; but o cmon! 'I-am-rude-and-I-insult' is your character on the show; don't insult the viewer by making such bizarre decisions and that too on a weekly basis.

So, by now if it wasnn't obvious already; to summarise this week's episode: IT SUCKED!

Uninteresting, bland, forgettable because its only been two hours and I've forgotten everything about her interview except that she was incredibly dumb to the point of being legally retarded. Wonder if that'd make her turn gay.

The one guy who gave this week's show SOME credibility but I fear his journey will be reduced to nothing more than a fluff story. Resilient, he is, yes.

Priyanka: BORE!

I didn't really understand her PI at all. End story.

Was it jus' me or was everyone else also laughing hysterically when he broke down and started weeping like a little girl. I mean cmon DUDE! What the hell were you on! First, you portray that you are THE MAN; Domineering and in control of your woman's life and behaviour and then the next moment you bawl like a toddler, mumbling incoherent bakchodi. But enough about our mod, the guy on the show sucked too.

Paulami De:
Are you kidding me!? No, really! THAT bimbo! THAT loud, obnoxious FREAKSHOW! SERIOUSLY?! I still understood why you guys picked a Devarshi Patel; but HER?! You know you were right, she does belong on a reality show, only problem is that show is NOT ROADIES! Maybe one of the airheads on Splitsvilla 2 but definitely NOT ROADIES! Kya yaar dukhi kar diya!

Though her reactions after being a Roadie were very LOL. But still, nahi yaar; Roadies ko circus mat banao!

And after this week's episode I fear the worst. Please, no more of the fiasco that was Roadies 5.0

The irony here is while the two guys pretty much spelled it out that they werent looking do a repeat of last year; their judgments don't reflect this.

Bangalore auditions-next week and I think I saw DJ Rockky in there somewhere in the crowd. The sad thing is after this week's episode there might be some truth in the rumour that DJ has become a Roadie. Next week dekhte hai.

To Hell and Back

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