MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Selected Roadies

1. Umang, Ahmedabad - NOT SELECTED

2. Samrat Kaushal, Punjab & Mumbai - SELECTED - NOW A ROADIE

3. Devarshi Patel, Ahmedabad - SELECTED - NOW A ROADIE

4. Sunil, Ahmedabad - NOT SELECTED


6. Bhanu Pratap, Ahmedabad - SELECTED - NOW A ROADIE

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Next week on 6th December, 2008 we will see MTV Roadies 6 Kolkata Audition, so guys get ready AGAIN for twin brothers war of words with MTV Roadies 6 Contestants.

MTV Roadies 6 : Ahmedabad Audition : 29 November Summary

To Hell and Back - Ahmedabad Auditions

It is back and it is BAD! A solid start to what is going to be THE most hellish season of Roadies ever and if today's episode is any indication, the ride ahead is going to be bumpy and wild!

Roadies: Hell Down Under kicked off with the Ahmedabad auditions hosted by Ayushmann who tries as hard as he does, still can't pull off a Rannvijay. Well tried though. I'll let the womenfolk comment further.

The GD's this time were moderated by Ranjit (Chottu), Clyde (Sex God.. ahemm ahemm) and surprisingly, the big boss himself, Ashish Patil and despite their collective plea to be civil and organised, the GD's turned out as they always do, raw, uncouth - no holds barred, it wouldn't be Roadies any other way. Commendable effort indeed, to pick out people from within that mess to move on to the PI's.

Moving onto the PI's then - One thing we all wanted to know was if the other brother were as brutal and fierce as Raghu and boy o' boy, were all the skeptics shut up or what! Rajiv seemed to be even crazier than Raghu and more often than not, Raghu seemed to be the calmer, more docile one of the two. The brothers are sure gonna keep us glued this season.

Starting off the PI's was one cutlet - Umang. Umang represented the hardcore frensipping crowd that roam about on Orkut with heavily decorated profiles and "tOnS oF aTtItUdE" to back it up, that with his use of the term "loveship". I'm sure he must've introduced himself to the twins as, "Myself Umang. Will you mek frensip wid meee????" Quite rightly, put into place by the twins.

The PI's that followed were of those that went on to become Roadies, starting with..

Samrat - Strong willed, confident, chutiya singer (though worse was to come) and with the stereotypical "I-gotta-prove-it-to-Paapa" backstory that quite frankly is getting old. We all got Dads with belts and expectations, sir, spare me the traumatic flashbacks. He does look the part though, that I give to him.

Lesson learnt, if you couldn't become a Roadie, blame Dad for not bringing you up the "army way"

Bhanu - The tinga guy with 3 inches of hair to add on to his short stature, seemed fun, can be bounced around for entertainment, dont see him lasting too long on the show personally

Lesson learnt, polka dot boxers are GAY!

Vicky - Seemed awfully familiar, a quick flashback confirmed it, and as said, the guy has grown by leaps n' bounds since last year. This year, the guy seemed more forthright, more up to the challenge and owned up when he slipped. Respect. Interesting character to watch out for.. the guy has a streak of rage in him, that with his "uski zindagi barbaad kar dunga" answer

Lesson learnt, Doing a split can do wonders for your constipation.

But, the undisputed STAR of this week's episode was one Mr. Devarshi Patel

Y'know, at first glance - he is not AT ALL, what would come to your mind when you hear the word - 'Roadie', chubby, awkward, pretentious, slightly full of himself, in short he was a scrapbook short of being Vinay Pathak in Bheja Fry.

But, OMG! Was he fucking hilarious or what! The switching-to-glares to sing Rock On worse than Farhan did, the govinda-govinda-govinda (I was on the floor), the sad tale of one-sided love - all of it had me crying with laughter!

I have no clue how this guy is going to fit into the mould of the show, but goddamn it I am excited to see what he does! Props to the twins for going with their gut and picking this guy, even though it would have been an unpopular choice to the "roddys"

Lesson learnt, F***ING BE YOURSELF!!

Super kick-off! Bring on more!

To Hell and Back

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