MTV Roadies 6 : Mumbai Auditions Cancelled

Most of you guys are aware of the Delhi auditions fiasco. Some disruptive elements acted funny and we were left with no options than to cancel the auditions. It was a tough call, but the safety and security of the participants was paramount to us.

The catch is that this may now put extra pressure on the Mumbai auditions, considering we are expecting an even more overwhelming response. And we would not want any of you guys to go through the tedious process of standing in the queue from the night before all over again.

Which is why we have decided to cancel the Roadies Mumbai auditions.

That was the bad news. Now here's the good news.You can audition for Roadies Hell Down Under now from wherever you are, whenever you want. Yes, the auditions go online on The details would be on the site from tomorrow onwards.

Till then, keep the faith. And check on tomorrow.

It's my MTV!

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  1. This seems quite heart breaking but You guys have taken a right decision.That happened in Delhi,At any cost should not be repeated in Mumbai.But I hope that the alternative given to Mumbai Guys would work in the same way as it would have worked in a face to face intraction.Well what ever happens ,all best wishes are with you guys and any how "The Show must Go On" .