Roadies Auditions: Raghu's Mantra

Just wanted to wish all of you all the best. Remember the Roadies Rule # 1: BE YOURSELF. Do not push yourself too hard. And at the same time, do not play the meek kid on the block as well. Be firm. Be clear. Speak in Hindi, but do not try shuddha Hindi, please. Do not try becoming more MTV than MTV itself. And do not say "Yo MTV" EVER! Dress right. Again, do not play the rapper and at the same time, do not look like someone who has come for a bank interview.

Since I belong to this, it would be a shame if none of the guys make it to the final 20. I am pinning all my hopes on you guys. So do not let me down. On my part, let me play favorites here and share with you a singular tip that may really help. Do ensure that the judge who is taking your GD takes out one particular aspect of your personality. When we sit in a room full of people, we typically write small notes on their personality types. You could be the "sweet, homely girl" or the "irritating cocky bastard" or the "nerdish book worm" or the "eternal good guy" or the "country bumpkin" or the "rich urban bitch" or the "tharki small towner" or the "sex fatakadi" or the "arrogant sonofabitch"... you get the drift, right? Make it a point to convey what you are. Again, do not try too hard. But keep this at the back of your mind. I promise you it would help.

It would help you in distinguishing yourself from the rest of the people. It would help us in zeroing down on you in case your personality type matches or clashes with anybody else in our list. Think about it when you are in the GD. At the risk of getting repetitive, will say it again: Do not try too hard. We are smart enough to know if and when you do that.

I may get to see some of you during the auditions. Sounds like fun already.

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  1. Thanks Raghu for Your Mantra.We are waiting for you in Mumbai.Thanks for being yourself.