MTV Roadies Host Rannvijay Singh Singha



Name: Rannvijay Singh Singha

Born on: 16th March, 1983

Height: 6'

Education: Went to 9 different schools. Graduated from Hansraj College, Delhi University with a Bachelor's of Commerce.

First Job: As a construction worker, in New Jersey, US.

Shoe size: Bata 9/ UK 9/ Swiss 10

One Secret: Rannvijay is a superhero freak. He collects action figures, comic books, jeans, chappals and even superhero underwear. His favorite comicbook superhero is Wolverine - "his attitude is unbelievable. Very sardar-like". A close second is Batman.

Tete-a-tete with your VJ

You won the first season of MTV Roadies. And since then, you've become a VJ and the host of Roadies. What made you audition for Roadies? And how did you become a VJ?

After graduation, I was all set to join the army in 2 months. My family has been in the Indian Army for 6 generations. My dad is a brigadier, my brother is in the navy. Then the Roadies auditions came along, and I thought about it - on one hand, I would have had a 40 year career set out before me, with no problems - housing, medical, everything would be set with the Army. And on the other hand, was MTV and the uncertainty that came along with auditioning. But my dad supported me. He didn't want me to regret it 20 years down the line.

Funnily enough, when I auditioned, and throughout Roadies, I just knew I would make it. Plus, it was the bike that motivated me to audition in the first place. I just really wanted to win the bike! Then after the show ended, I was pretty popular…people liked me. The MTV producers asked me to try Veejaying and not join the army. The liked the way I interacted with people. I was very camera shy, but I thought it would be fun. I think that was the hand of fate. I ended up in a totally different profession.

And as a child, what did you want to do?

I wanted to be a sports star - a basketball player. I wanted to get paid playing my favorite sport.

You've done a few films too? Do you plan to continue making movies?

Yes, I recently did Mumbai Cutting. And I have a couple of films lined up for this year. Once I became a VJ, I knew I'd be doing movies. I'm a very filmy person, as in, I watch a lot of movies; I'm a movie buff and a film critic.

So if you had to choose between MTV glory and Bollywood fame?

Done the former, waiting for the latter!

You mentioned you're a bike lover? When did the love start, and how many bikes do you own?

I'm crazy about bikes really. Everyone knows me as a biker. On my 1st birthday, I was given a tricycle. I rode it well! And by the time I was 8, I was teaching kids older than me how to ride cycles. By 14, I used to maro bikes from people…as in, ask them to let me ride. Then my dad bought me a bike - a Hero Honda Splendor. It's a Sports bike. I have a few other bikes - a Suzuki GSX 600, a Kawasaki Ninja, a 225 CC modified Hero Honda Karisma which I won on Roadies, a 50 CC Pocket bike and a Royal Enfield Bullet.

Do you play any sports apart from basketball? What do you do to maintain your body?

Yes, I'm a complete sportsman. I play all kinds of sports and I love outdoor activities. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. My adrenaline rush is being in the outdoors and doing something adventurous. That's the high that comes with Roadies - I try all the tasks myself. I play a lot of basketball. I like playing soccer in the rain, Table Tennis in the office. And I go to the gym to run once in a while, or when I'm doing Roadies.

Do you believe in God?

100%. I'm not religious but I believe I have a one to one connection with God. I imagine talking to someone. I love Gurunanak. I love any religious place. I find them very peaceful.

Who matters to you the most in your life?

My younger brother. My mum and my dad. And my friends too.

The perfect girl to you is someone who….

Well, beautiful or not, that girl needs to be confident and carry herself confidently. However beautiful she is, if she's dumb, she's dumb. If she's not stylish, it's okay. But don't wear things you end up looking silly in. That's what wannabes do. She should have a firm head over her shoulders. And needs to be spontaneous, because I am, I'm very adventurous.

Aids awareness is one of causes you support right?

Yes. But I also am involved with Fight Back, which is a network 18 initiative to fight against female oppression in every form. Raghu is also involved now.


Siblings: One younger brother, Harmanjeet Singh Singha

Food: All kinds. His mum's Punjabi khana, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese and most recently Japanese. He love eating, loves junk food too, especially Mc Donalds.

Movies: Men of Honor, 300, all superhero movies, Sholay, Rang De Basanti, Andaaz Apna Apna.

Music: Femme Fatal. Usher, Justin, Timbaland, Punjabi MC, Vishal -Shekhar, A.R. Rahman.

Bollywood Movie Star: Aamir Khan, Salman Khan. Hrithik Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan. Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan

Hollywood Movie Star: Johnny Depp, Leonardo deCaprio, Heath Ledger, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Jackman.

Cartoons: Bart Simpson.

Books: All comics: the Gotham comics, X Men , The Hulk etc. And otherwise, he enjoys reading autobiographies.

Author: John Grisham, Paulo Coelho.

Holiday destination: Australia and Brazil for the outdoor activities. But India is the best country because "your get everything… plains, backwaters, beaches, mountains, so many monuments and temples, architecture, traditions."

TV shows: Entourage, 24, Sex and City - I liked it. Desperate housewives ("though it's very melodramatic")… Heroes, Survivor, Roadies, Fear Factor, The Apprentcie.

Cooks: Egg Bhurji, Rajma, Omlet…"I can make enough for myself to survive on"


  1. hi Rannvijay....
    this is AMRITA....
    u r jus amazing n ur words n thoughts make u outstanding,
    i really like the way u think,
    the way u keep n carry urself.i m jus crazzy for u
    n i only keep collecting ur pics n infom abt u,
    frm all possible sites i can,
    n then it becomes a little difficult to knw tht....
    is he the same Rannvijay who has so much attitude in him,
    bt dear sirf baat karne se hi nahi hota,
    u should prove ur words watever u say
    jaise ,abt the girl who can cum in ur life k baare me u said.
    if u r true to ur words then reply to this msg

    i m nt beautiful,
    i m jus like a girl next door,
    bt i knw wat i do n wat i wear,
    people never make fun of me bt they want to be me,
    my friends jus love me for wat n hw i m,
    acc to all i m sweet,helpful,cheerful,
    n i knw to carry myself very very well,
    i m nt very stylish bt nt even bore,
    i have a firm head on my shoulders.
    wat say then.....

  2. hi rannvijay your way thinking is just superprb i just love you.i ish to meet you one day but i know its not possible

  3. hi rannvjay i just wanna say you are a nice person

  4. Hey bro ..jst wantd 2 tell ya dat ure lyk mai fashion guru..n wateva u wear turns out to be " in " just stay da way u are and do keep inspiring ppl..krish

  5. hey rannvijay
    just wanna say that u are the best n the most handsome guy...i just luv uuu..n really wish to meet u some day....

  6. hey rannvijay
    just wannna say u are the most handsome guy....i just luv uuuu...n really dieing to meet u

  7. hey hi raanvijay,i just simply luv ur attitude,d way u speak,and u r simply ur big fan follw i wish i could meet u 1 day.
    am crazy abt u.and I LOVE U.

  8. If you do eva get around reading this then i must say u have a charming personality.Ur sense of style is impeccable!!Ur interview says soo much but u still seem to be like a mystery!

  9. hey rannvijay ur interview was really motivatn in a way!
    n ur doin xremely well dudez,all gud wishes to u, n one more thng..,i blv u shud be a style icon......u jus carry ur self v well in all jus keep it ......n alwez kp entertaining us in all way!

  10. Hey Rannvijay,
    This is Jaskiran.........
    It was glad to read abt u and ur sense of style with a pinch of ur personal life.
    U r doing a gr8 job ..... just keep it up and stay the way u r........... coz u inspire a lot of ppl.
    May u get all u wish for.........All the Luck for ur Future Life and Life partner.
    Have a nice day, Take Care.

  11. hello sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is bhavandeep singh from punjab main tuhanu kehna hai ki tusi (ranvijay) meenakshi khanduri (fame splitsvilla1) naal bahut chage lagde ho

  12. hello rannvijay.....
    this is navdeep kaur grewal from punjab,u r one of the few v.j.'z i like....i too luv's most headstrong super hero....most jatt like...haha....gurls r mad abt to go bro......
    gud luck for ur life ahead.......keep it ticking.....(wink)

  13. hello rannvijay.......
    m navdeep kaur grewal from punjab......u r one of the few v.j.'s i like....i too love wolverine...he is the most jatt like super hero...headstrong....n gurls r mad abt u......way to go bro......
    gud luck for ur life ahead......

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    u make me go crazzzzzy!!!!!
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  17. hi Rannvijay u r the sexiest person in da whole world....
    But besides that u r so down to earth ....
    U make me go crazzzy!!!!!
    luv u
    take care
    all the best

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    You Are just awesome dude..Before meeting u as i met you today in gurgaon with your girl friend, i had some wrong thoughts about u guys that u guys would be having so much of attitude, but i tell u man u and anushka were so humble and sweet wid me that not even knpwing me you hugged me and the way anushka replied it was just awesome .I never thought anushka will be so sweet.
    Thanks buddy ..wish u long life


  22. hey ranvijay, just keep that attitude with u always.

    more than anything else, attitude is the only thing that remains wd u...,,,u simply rock

  23. hey ranvijay,
    ope ur doin fine cnt wait for the release of london dreams,u do luk gud in the promos atleast wht they shw of u in the promo!!! well 2 b frank i was never a fan of urs i cldnt understand why sum1 wld be so crazy to risk his life for sum silly tasks bt did my perception go for a toss?????? yep it did recently whn i tuk up a 33 day trek to pali n nw im proud to say that i totally undrstnd d rush u feel while doin a task or even whn u try it urslf for the sake of other ppl's safety its unbelievable dude im sure ur fly's totally proud of u!!
    wld luv to discuss this in person wit u,so if ur free n hav signal in ur phne gve me a call d no is 9967678382
    take care n keep rockng!!!!!!!!!!!

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    But I am ready to compete with them to win you.

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    hRU??? U r LyK so cUte te Ek DuM soNA mUNDA... mAR ja.. LOlz..
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    i am a girl frm kerala.
    i use 2 watch ur shows daily.
    we hav a big fan association of urs in our college.
    every girl here loves u so much,
    but"I HATE U".
    this is a sweet lovable hate towards u.
    if u can ,pls send me a mail to
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    don't think that me as a silly girl.



  32. shilpa y u want only a hiii frm ranvijay!!!!
    yaaar if u want frndsp jst go ahead

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    me a great fan of rodies but ranvijay i wannna say that pls dnt put a pink color t shirt ever it dsnt lokk nice buddy
    and yaa u r nature is very cool

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    u know i just love bikers & so i like u.
    i like the way u carry ur self infront of camera.i m verrrrry big fan of urs.plz keep hosting rodies otherwise it will be very worst 4 rodies. i m very pleasent connecting with u.& my all pharmacy community wanna 2 say hiiiii ranvijay.

  35. Hey bhaia. Me (ishu) and my brother(lily). Wishis u very very happy birthday. Hum dono aapke fan haan and we want to meet u if its possible. Once again happy birthay bhaia...

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  37. ranvijay i see u at rodies and crazy abt u ..

  38. rannvijay v luv u a lottttttttttt !!!!!!!!!! v know dat everyone tells dat but r luv is true d best thing about u is dat u respect girls v watch roadies only to see u when som1 comments bad about u v really get angry n comment back saying dat is wrong now u r luv is really true there's lots to tell u so plzzzzzzzzzz rply at . bye take care stay healthy stay happy 4 ever n ever .


  40. hi runvijay this is manjit kaur............m a big fan of urs....u r a amazing guy...punjabi munda rockzz d india...u r d best ..........very nice to evryone and respect d gals. n very down to earth....wish u all d luck n happiness ahead........

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  44. Hi Rannvijay uncle!

    I am a big fan of yours,even tho i m only in 9th grade. I love roadies. From ur interview,u look like a good human being and a nice person....

    UR Da Best!
    Keep Smiling and all da best for the future...
    My mom is also a believer of Guru Nanak, she is Sindhi...

    Okay...bye! Luv you!

  45. Donny u r Superb Dear,
    you even didnt changed a bit u r the same as u were in school and college days.we proud of u Donny u,keep rocking man.lucky to have a frnd like u.god bless u

  46. Donny u r Superb Dear,
    you even didnt changed a bit u r the same as u were in school and college days.we proud of u Donny u,keep rocking man.lucky to have a frnd like u.god bless u

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