MTV Roadies 6 :Bangalore Auditions : Day 1 Shortlist

Bangalore Day 1 - Shortlist

M-1678-Sudeep Singh
F-1099-Ramya Jawahar
M-1155-Varun Singh Huda
M-2254-Syed Tauseff Pasha
M-1865-Rupesh Kataria
F-1057-Shruti Gupta
F-1126-Gurmeet Kaur
M-2261-Manish Chahal
M-1808-Biswarup Dey
M-2527-Chirag Aggarwal
M-2288-Jay Mohan
M-1481-Hari Shetty
M-2037-Nauman Sait

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  1. i. Can u also upload the list of shortlisted candidates in Chandigarh? Round 1.

    Also, do u have any idea abt the number of persons selected at each location till now?

    Thanx for all the updates.