Sony Ericsson MTV RBG: Aniket Goes To Finale

Never before has the vote-count been this tight..

Aniket - 114
Twinkle - 109
Roop - 107

Congratulations to Aniket! He enters the finale of the first ever Sony Ericsson MTV Roadies Battleground to battle it out to become the ultimate survivor..

Now, it's obvious that Aniket's vote would decide who joins him in the finale. Common sense that he'd choose whoever he thought was lesser competition. HAH! Things are not going to be that easy, Aniket.

Roop and Twinkle will face-off for the finale. Their face-off task will be announced tomorrow night at 10pm.

Meanwhile, relive the best, worst and WTF! moments of RBG and gear up for the finale.

PS: The Community members are going to be directly involved in the finale and the involvement will be more than just voting for the winner. Find out what, soon!

It's MY battleground!

It's MY MTV!

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