MTV Cheat Code: Secret To Becoming A Roadie

MTV Cheat code: Secret to becoming a Roadie
MTV has launched a SUPER EXCLUSIVE collection of DVDs, which comprise of cheats and tips on "How to crack the Roadies auditions". Its tells you How-to-face-Raghu in the grueling auditions. Basically its a jackpot for those aspiring to be true Roadies. If you're one of the lucky MTV Cheat Code pack owners then you might even get to skip the first round of auditions.

Even before its launched in the market, we are giving some of the MTV Cheat Code packs away in this community. BUT to get your hands on it, you'll have to EARN it.

So, let's have a debate. The best guy/girl in the debate wins one of these.

Topic: Can women be good leaders or are they best in the kitchens?

If you suck at debating then you can always buy this pack. Check out the details here:

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