Sony Ericsson MTV Battleground Community Task 5 & Roadies Task 5 Information

The battle gets a lot more interesting! In task 5, the 9 Roadies have to send us a picture of themselves wearing the silliest costume ever. But as a twist, they also have to send in a video bitching about each and every one of other Roadies!

Community members have to come up with the most kickass and creative titles for any one of the Roadies from Roadies 5.0. The one who impresses the MTV panel of judges the most will get a chance to become the next Roadie!

Click here to participate in the Sony Ericsson MTV Roadies Battleground!

9 Roadies will dress themselves up in the silliest, weirdest get-up they can imagine and bitch about each other on video. View their submissions here Tuesday night.

Phase 1 of Comm Task #5 is on ! Log on to the gadget and give a creative title to one of the Roadies of Roadies 5.0 before Monday night

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