Roadies Battleground : Roadies Task 2

Did the piercing hurt? It better have. On this task, pucker up. Snap yourselves kissing the ugliest person you know. The uglier your friend, the hotter the kiss, the better your chances of survival. Pout, kiss and send us the pictures by Friday, 4th July – 7 PM IST.

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1. A peck on the cheek or a passionate frenchie - how you kiss is your call.

2. Though, make sure the picture does not cross into vulgar territory. Control yourselves.

3. Send us only ONE snap, we don't wanna know what happened after the kiss. Please.

4. Remember you'll be judged by the community; make your snap look interesting enough.


Further details will be told to you on call.

Also don't forget each of you have to pick ONE nominee for the "most attractive" poll by tomorrow, 6pm.

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