MTV Roadies 6 - FAQ & More Information

Some extremly useful tips for MTV Roadies 6 Auditions, I mean get ready for MTV Raodies 6 auditions, Raghu Ram and Nikhil is waiting for you. So check these nice tips from my friend's site:

o There is no limit as to how many times a person can audition. So, it might be better to begin attempts from the first venue.

Remember Ashutosh from season 5.0. He was rejected in two and selected in third attempt. Because he tried in all of them.

o "Do not portray any thing just be real"

o "The guys should handle Raghu's hyper with a little cool mind...he just only checks how much the guy/girl could handle with real balls"

o "If you have tried for MTV roadies and you didn’t get selected then its your fault. This I am saying because what I saw is that Nikhil and Raghu want only honest persons to come for the auditions.

Some participants trying to fake that they are tough and they can take any challenge in Roadies. But what I saw that this flakiness is making Raghu and Nikhil mad and crazy."

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