RBG: Sunday 10 pm... The game is for EVERYONE

Ok, guys! After months of pre-plots and preparations, we are finally going to launch RBG.

The first task of RBG is going to be given at 10 pm tomorrow by Rannvijay on MTV and on the application/gadget. I hope all of you have added the application. If not then do it RIGHT NOW! There you go...

Now, let me give you a brief on RBG. The tasks are going to be given twice every week, on a Sunday and a Wednesday at 10 pm.

The tasks are classified into 2 categories.
1) Roadies Task
2) Community Task

Roadies tasks, as the name says, are going to be performed by the Roadies for which they'll get 2 days. Now, YOU, the community people, are going to vote on the Roadies tasks. YOU are going to decide the immunity/advantage for the the Roadies. After every task, for weeks, 2 Roadies are going to be voted out.
Clarification: Community people are just going to decide the immunity/advantage while the Roadies will vote each other out.

Community Tasks will be for all the community members... It'll be different from the Roadies task. All of you can participate in this task. Our panel of judges will pick one person from the community whom they'll think has performed the best and that person get to join the final Roadies. Yes, he/she becomes a Roadie.

If I'm not wrong, then there are going to be 7 such community tasks. After that only the Roadies will be given tasks, which will be meaner than the previous tasks.

While the game is on, we'll keep giving you people chances to win prizes from MTV. Stick around for that.

Phew! Agar kuch samajh mein nahi aaya then don't hesitate to ask... Just shoot your questions here!

Its my RBG!

Its my MTV!


  1. nice game
    but 5.0 was bakwas!!
    action ki kami thi and it can be more exiting n adventurs!
    need to improve!
    it can be bigger than previous!!!!!!!!!

  2. plz can anybody lemme know is der gonna be any audition sthis time around or is it dat entire selection proecdure is thru this RBG. which says bat these roadie and community tasks is it gonna be the criteria to select final 13 roadies on show..so wat does dat mean no auditions or wat then why is audition dates been put on this site..i m confused can anybody brief me on this part abt how will the final 13 roadies be selected for season 6...MANISH

  3. I agree. I guess, he wasn't given training on the morals of life during his school days (if his parents had sent him to one).

  4. rbg is only for sony ericsons userssssss, not for d comn peopleeeeeee