Roadies Battleground : Jump Into The Final

One lucky Sony Ericsson Walkman series handset user can
Jump To The Final!!

SMS SE <> Your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone's IMEI Number to 56882 and follow the instructions thereon.

(The IMEI number is a unique 15 character alpha-numeric phone identification number. To know your phone's number dial *#06#. Remember, the Jump To The Final option is only open to Sony Ericsson Walkman series handset users)

If you are the chosen one,you will be one of the final 13 Roadies, just like that!

So, if you are looking to jump the queue SMS your IMEI number right away!

RBG: Sunday 10 pm... The game is for EVERYONE

Ok, guys! After months of pre-plots and preparations, we are finally going to launch RBG.

The first task of RBG is going to be given at 10 pm tomorrow by Rannvijay on MTV and on the application/gadget. I hope all of you have added the application. If not then do it RIGHT NOW! There you go...

Now, let me give you a brief on RBG. The tasks are going to be given twice every week, on a Sunday and a Wednesday at 10 pm.

The tasks are classified into 2 categories.
1) Roadies Task
2) Community Task

Roadies tasks, as the name says, are going to be performed by the Roadies for which they'll get 2 days. Now, YOU, the community people, are going to vote on the Roadies tasks. YOU are going to decide the immunity/advantage for the the Roadies. After every task, for weeks, 2 Roadies are going to be voted out.
Clarification: Community people are just going to decide the immunity/advantage while the Roadies will vote each other out.

Community Tasks will be for all the community members... It'll be different from the Roadies task. All of you can participate in this task. Our panel of judges will pick one person from the community whom they'll think has performed the best and that person get to join the final Roadies. Yes, he/she becomes a Roadie.

If I'm not wrong, then there are going to be 7 such community tasks. After that only the Roadies will be given tasks, which will be meaner than the previous tasks.

While the game is on, we'll keep giving you people chances to win prizes from MTV. Stick around for that.

Phew! Agar kuch samajh mein nahi aaya then don't hesitate to ask... Just shoot your questions here!

Its my RBG!

Its my MTV!

Roadies 6 Battleground : The Final 13 Warriors

RBG: The final 13 warriors!

Adil Zameer

Aditya Khanna

Aniket H

Ashwarya Gupta

Florence Swarup

Hansika Seth

Hemant Malhotra

Parnavi Singh

Rahul Mazumder

Rohini Nair

Roop Bhinder

Sumit Sharma

Vandana Appaiah

Congratulations, people! But do not start celebrating yet!

Only after we verify your age and other details would you be allowed to enter the battleground. Your mods, and MTV reps on RBG, Sehran and Nitin, would be connecting with you to get the required information. If any of you fail to make the grade, we have at least 4 more people in the shortlist, ready to take your place. So we do hope you had come up with the right info!

For the rest of the contestants, this is how your war cry would be heard...While I had earlier said that you would be given at least six chances to get amongst the finalists, we have increased that number to eight! So there will be eight community tasks running simultaneously with the Roadies tasks, and the winners would be joining the finalists. No big deal if you lost this minor confrontation, the real war is coming ahead, so keep the Roadies spirit alive, people!

Also, there are a few tasks that we have planned which the Roadies cannot win without your active participation and support. So watch out for them as well! Last, but sure not the least, all the Roadies would be entirely dependent on you guys for their survival, as YOU, would be deciding on who amongst them would remain immune. Let them know who the boss is, okay!?

Let the battle begin!

Best Dialogue you have heard on Roadies

Best Dialogue you have heard on Roadies
Hi Roadies,I have seen all the season of Roadies, and this year's Roadies, has one special element - Dialougebaazi!So post what is the best dialogue/saying/sentence that you have heard in roadies so far. It can be from an Roadies, Raghu, Rannvijay or any crew member......
Raghu : Groupism karke time waste kar sakte ho, but kuch fayda nahi hoga.... Aapki har ek strategy ko tod kar rakh dunga main.
Sonel at snehashish's vote out : "usme mujhe mera papa dikhta hai...."

Raghu : aur kis kis ko snehashish main apni maa dikhti hai..!!??

ANKITA : "Your mind is a poor master and a great slave...use it well." [it was something like that...she said that during her voteout]

Rannvijay : "Aap log inhe pehchante hai, aur aapko lagta hai ki aapka inse peecha choot gaya hai......... Well, you guys are wrong, he is back in your life"

Raghu : "Tumhaare har stage mein, har planning ko tod dunga main. I need you to understand that"

During first vote out
Ankita -
Swim karke banana boat par pohachna tha and I was the first person to make it there
Ranvijay - Yeh log aapka intejaar kar rahe the
Ankita - mere baad do logo ka aur bhi to intejaar kar rahe the

Snehashish : hum shambhavi ko 'chamiya' ki tarah nachaayenge!!
Crew member - "Jab nikalne ka time na, ek Roadie ko [beeeep] aa rahi thi aur [beeeeep] par bhaitha hai.... Hum log ek ghante se khade hai and mahashay Shinghasan par bhaithe hai!

Shambhavi to Prabhjot - "Who wants to flirt with you"

Shambhavi - "mujhe to usko dekhke hi pata chal gaya tha ki woh virgin nahi hai. Woh jaise utthi hai, bhaitthi hai."

The best of all I ve heard
Vote Out is the worst part of Roadies ,, right buddies
Roadies; Yes(Loud Chant)
Rannvijay: (Coolly and pleasantly)GET USED TO IT........quite nice of himm........

Shambhavi : Ashutosh merey badey bhai jeaisa hain
Ashutosh : agar woh meri behen hoon thi main usak gala ghotkar maar deta


MTV Roadies & Roadies Battleground Pictures

MTV Roadies & Roadies Battleground Pictures

Roadies Battleground FAQ

Roadies Battleground FAQ

1. How Do I start?
Please Down load The Application from Link below: In initial registration form given there.Once you Hit Submit, you will be able to see a link where application form is available.Download the form, Fill the form in MS word and Mail it to mail id mentioned in Form.

2. What is the age Limit? And eligibility criteria?
For participation you need to be 18 years and above. Member from all countries can participate.

3. Once I have registered and mailed the form what should I do?
After this wait for few days we shall announce dates for GD (Group Discussion).

4. What is last date of mailing the Application form?
Last date is: 20th June

5. What is the criteria for Judging?
You shall be evaluated from:
a. your filled up form
b. your orkut profile
c. your performance in GD

6. Who are In judging panel?
The auditions will be held on this community. It'll be judged by a panel of judges from MTV which includes the likes of Raghu, Rannvijay, Bumpy, Zulfia, Debbie and apna Webbie.Ranvijay will be hosting the Show.

7. How long the RBG will Run?
It will be spread over 8 weeks starting 25th June

8.Are there any competitions for members under 18?
Yes, there would be small competitions running parallely where you can win cool maal like Sony Ericsson phones, iPods and loads of MTV goodies

9. What is the prize that RBG winner Gets?
The winner gets a Sony Ericsson w350 mobile phone + a direct entry into the interview round of Roadies 6 + 1 LAC RUPEES.

10. How many Roadies will be selected?
There will be 13 roadies selected.There will be few community tasks held. Winner of those task can replace existing roadieDetails will be unveiled soon.

11. I am not 18 year old yet what role I have in RBG?
For viewing all the action in RBG its imperative to download the application.There is no restriction on adding the application, registering and sending the audition form. But if you are under-18 then obviously it won't be considered.


If you wanna be tuned into all the action, you must have the app on your profile.

12. Why do u need My mobile Number?
We would need to contact you to let you know if you've been selected. So, the cell phone number is a must.

13. Like wen we have sent the ppl would b taking GD of all d people who have sent the forms...or 1st selection would be done on d basis of d forms filled.?
There is no restriction to participation in the GDs. Technically speaking, people who don't submit the form can't really be judged.We'll shortlist you on the basis of your performance in GD, your profile and your answers.

14. Would there be any mail sent for the time and place where i would have to be present for the GD rounds...or would i have to look all over the community threads to know it?
We'll inform everyone who gets short listed. Don't worry about that.

15. How can I mail the form?
You can mail the form to from any of mailing servers viz. yahoo, rediff, gmail
16. How many questions are there in Form?
There are 10 questions. There is error in numbering kindly bear with us we shall correct that soon.

17. If I am not able use MS word what should I do?
You can copy paste the filled up form and send the mail or you can use note pad for that.

18. Will there be any confirmation of mail?
No there will not be any confirmation mail sent. If there was not error message while sending it, rest assure it was sent.We shall inform the further proceeding in community so stay tuned.

20. I am facing problem in adding the application?
There might be load on server but try logging out of ur profile and log in again. Try using Mozzila if problem persists.

Sony Ericsson MTV Roadies Battleground launched

Sony Ericsson MTV Roadies Battleground launched!

All the Roadies action shifts to your computer screen. To know more about itCLICK HERE

We have started the registration process already. To add the application, CLICK HERE


You can still be a Roadie. Watch out for your '2nd CHANCE'

List of the top 71CLICK HERE

Loads of prizes to be won... MTV merchandise, iPods, Sony Ericsson phones, and the winner takes home 1 lakh in cash plus a direct entry to the Roadies 6 personal interview.

Roadies Battleground Phase 3: The Top 71

Attaching the list of the final 71. From this, the list goes down to the top 13. And here comes your last task before you hit the spotlight.

You guys need to upload a video (max 1 min duration) of yours introducing yourselves to us. It does not matter to us whether you shoot from a camera phone or a movie camera as long as we can see you in action!

This is gonna be your final task before the finals begin, so make sure you do all what you can to impress us. (But please do not take your clothes off!)

We shall repeat the old Roadies mantra here. BE YOURSELVES!

The deadline for submitting your videos is 9pm tomorrow. After you have uploaded the video, send us the link of the same on

Suyash Kumar

Sumit Sharma


Rahul Verma

Vineet Gupta

Sara Kazmi

Mayank Arora

Malvika Sharma

Niharika Sahni



Vandana Appaiah

Garima Pahwa


Arfaz Ayub

Samir Singh


Hansika Seth

Ahmer Nazir

Varun Gupta

Jay Vyas


Florence Swarup

Sandeep Kothari

Sudhanshu Setia

Abhishek Raj

Joy Roshan


Gaurav Saharavat

Fayas Abdulrahman

Sunny Nagra

Rahul Bajaj

Manish Sharma



Aditya Khanna


Rahul Mazumder

Vaibhav Arora

Vikas Sharma


Hemant Malhotra

Pushpinder Singh

Megha Sachdeva

Somya Bahadur

Arpit Maheshwari

Aniket H


Eklavya Girotra

Mohsin Parwez

Parnavi Singh


Sneha Nayak

Hina Attar

Ashwarya Gupta


Kushan Rai

Adil Zameer

Roop Bhinder

Anubhav Chopra


Rohini Nair

Pallavi Nigam

Farrah Tazyeen

Sneha Chaudhary

Premal Choukse

Rupali Nayak

Pallavi Chandra

DJ Rockky Roxx

MTV Roadies 6.0 Audition Dates

MTV Roadies 6.0 Audition Dates

Date, Day - 12th Oct, Fri
Particulars - Kolkata Audition
Venue - Rang Munch - Swabhumi
Location - Salt Lake

Date, Day - 16th Oct, Tue
Particulars - Chandigarh Audition
Venue - Himachal Bhawan
Location - Madhya Marg

Date, Day - 19th Oct, Fri
Particulars - Delhi Audition
Venue - NCUI
Location - Near Siri Fort

Date, Day - 23rd Oct, Tue
Particulars - Jaipur Audition
Venue - Maharana Pratap Auditorium
Location - K. M. Munshi Marg

Date, Day - 28th Oct, Sun
Particulars - Mumbai Audition
Venue - MTV Studio
Location - Parel

MTV Roadies 5.0 Videos, Images & More

MTV Roadies 5.0 Videos & More
MTV Roadies Audition Videos, Voted Out Videos, Advantage Tasks Videos, Immunity Tasks Videos, Money Tasks Videos, Behind The Scenes Videos & much more at

Roadies Battleground promo - Rannvijay 2

Roadies Battleground promo - Rannvijay 1

Roadies Battleground promo - Raghu 3

Roadies Battleground promo - Raghu 3

Roadies Battleground promo - Raghu 2

Roadies Battleground promo - Raghu 1