MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Orkut Profile & Link


relationship status: single

birthday: April 24

age: 20

languages i speak: English (US), Hindi

here for: friends

about me: well,i m sum1 whom no1 can understand easily..Yaa,but my frenz believe tat i m really a fun luving gal who z fond of eating n sleeping and Yaa,partying..i luv 2 knw different ppl and orkut z a lovely site 2 get into..but at the same time i m very choosy n so hav limited frenz..wel,i m quite candid n cant keep anything in my belly coz its really small n has no vacancy 4 stupid gossips..i m complete style freak n so luv 2 b stylish all the time..!!LOVE z a big NO-NO 4 me coz i jus believe in true friendship coz its the only relation whc GOD leaves on us 2 make n wen luv starts friendship ends,so BIG BOYCOTT 2 LUV..i m here 2 knw all u lovely ppl n b ur true fren 4ever....!!!!

children: no

ethnicity: asian

religion: Hindu

political view: not political

humor: friendly

fashion: alternative, smart, trendy

smoking: no

drinking: no

pets: i like pet(s)

living: with parents

passions: i m fond of eating n partying..

sports: i m not at all sporty but i try every sport wid my boring bro wel i luv wearing sporty shorts...

activities: i m active only in my dreamz..

books: "frankestein"..n only seventeen magazines...

music: soft n soothing music wen i m alone..or else rocking ones..........

tv shows: all the shows of disney n pogo..

movies: meaningful movies not the TP ones

cuisines: all mexican food stations like 'jalapenos'


state: west bengal

country: India

education: High School

career interests: wel me intersted in fashion designing and mass comm.

ideal match: tall,rugged,rich,intellegent n damn hillarious hot guy

first thing you will notice about me: my hair

height: 165 centimeters

eye color: brown

hair color: dark brown

build: slim

body art: pierced ears

looks: beauty contest winner

best feature: hair

turn ons: candlelight, dancing, erotica, intelligence, long hair, wealth

turn offs: scooty guys

my idea of a perfect first date: a hot stud in a black car who takes me 2 a beautiful riverside spot..

from my past relationships i learned: don get serious wid luv jus hav fun..n after sumtime run..

five things I cant live without: food,money,phone,hot-shopping n music

in my bedroom you will find: all pinky n fishy stuffs..

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Varisha Hawelia Pictures, Images

MTV Roadies 6 Kolkata Selected Roadies






MTV Roadies 6 : Kolkata Audition : 6 December : Summary

Roadies will always be fun to watch; despite everything. You will still tune into the show; Saturdays @ 7 to see how quirky and weird people can be on how they are ripped to shreds by these two "predators". BUT, and thats a huge BUT (huger than Kim Kardashian's =p~) when IDIOTS and I mean "sabse crazy cheez: suicide attempt"-IDIOTS get through; you feel let down because:

a) You know already that XYZ person is gonna suck on the show.

b) You begin to doubt the show's intentions and the judges' intelligence. I mean, they are smart people who know the ways of the show, yes; but o cmon! 'I-am-rude-and-I-insult' is your character on the show; don't insult the viewer by making such bizarre decisions and that too on a weekly basis.

So, by now if it wasnn't obvious already; to summarise this week's episode: IT SUCKED!

Uninteresting, bland, forgettable because its only been two hours and I've forgotten everything about her interview except that she was incredibly dumb to the point of being legally retarded. Wonder if that'd make her turn gay.

The one guy who gave this week's show SOME credibility but I fear his journey will be reduced to nothing more than a fluff story. Resilient, he is, yes.

Priyanka: BORE!

I didn't really understand her PI at all. End story.

Was it jus' me or was everyone else also laughing hysterically when he broke down and started weeping like a little girl. I mean cmon DUDE! What the hell were you on! First, you portray that you are THE MAN; Domineering and in control of your woman's life and behaviour and then the next moment you bawl like a toddler, mumbling incoherent bakchodi. But enough about our mod, the guy on the show sucked too.

Paulami De:
Are you kidding me!? No, really! THAT bimbo! THAT loud, obnoxious FREAKSHOW! SERIOUSLY?! I still understood why you guys picked a Devarshi Patel; but HER?! You know you were right, she does belong on a reality show, only problem is that show is NOT ROADIES! Maybe one of the airheads on Splitsvilla 2 but definitely NOT ROADIES! Kya yaar dukhi kar diya!

Though her reactions after being a Roadie were very LOL. But still, nahi yaar; Roadies ko circus mat banao!

And after this week's episode I fear the worst. Please, no more of the fiasco that was Roadies 5.0

The irony here is while the two guys pretty much spelled it out that they werent looking do a repeat of last year; their judgments don't reflect this.

Bangalore auditions-next week and I think I saw DJ Rockky in there somewhere in the crowd. The sad thing is after this week's episode there might be some truth in the rumour that DJ has become a Roadie. Next week dekhte hai.

To Hell and Back

MTV Roadies 6 : Kolkata Audition : 6 December : Part 4 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Kolkata Audition : 6 December : Part 3 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Kolkata Audition : 6 December : Part 2 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Kolkata Audition : 6 December : Part 1 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Selected Roadies

1. Umang, Ahmedabad - NOT SELECTED

2. Samrat Kaushal, Punjab & Mumbai - SELECTED - NOW A ROADIE

3. Devarshi Patel, Ahmedabad - SELECTED - NOW A ROADIE

4. Sunil, Ahmedabad - NOT SELECTED


6. Bhanu Pratap, Ahmedabad - SELECTED - NOW A ROADIE

NEXT WEEK-------------

Next week on 6th December, 2008 we will see MTV Roadies 6 Kolkata Audition, so guys get ready AGAIN for twin brothers war of words with MTV Roadies 6 Contestants.

MTV Roadies 6 : Ahmedabad Audition : 29 November Summary

To Hell and Back - Ahmedabad Auditions

It is back and it is BAD! A solid start to what is going to be THE most hellish season of Roadies ever and if today's episode is any indication, the ride ahead is going to be bumpy and wild!

Roadies: Hell Down Under kicked off with the Ahmedabad auditions hosted by Ayushmann who tries as hard as he does, still can't pull off a Rannvijay. Well tried though. I'll let the womenfolk comment further.

The GD's this time were moderated by Ranjit (Chottu), Clyde (Sex God.. ahemm ahemm) and surprisingly, the big boss himself, Ashish Patil and despite their collective plea to be civil and organised, the GD's turned out as they always do, raw, uncouth - no holds barred, it wouldn't be Roadies any other way. Commendable effort indeed, to pick out people from within that mess to move on to the PI's.

Moving onto the PI's then - One thing we all wanted to know was if the other brother were as brutal and fierce as Raghu and boy o' boy, were all the skeptics shut up or what! Rajiv seemed to be even crazier than Raghu and more often than not, Raghu seemed to be the calmer, more docile one of the two. The brothers are sure gonna keep us glued this season.

Starting off the PI's was one cutlet - Umang. Umang represented the hardcore frensipping crowd that roam about on Orkut with heavily decorated profiles and "tOnS oF aTtItUdE" to back it up, that with his use of the term "loveship". I'm sure he must've introduced himself to the twins as, "Myself Umang. Will you mek frensip wid meee????" Quite rightly, put into place by the twins.

The PI's that followed were of those that went on to become Roadies, starting with..

Samrat - Strong willed, confident, chutiya singer (though worse was to come) and with the stereotypical "I-gotta-prove-it-to-Paapa" backstory that quite frankly is getting old. We all got Dads with belts and expectations, sir, spare me the traumatic flashbacks. He does look the part though, that I give to him.

Lesson learnt, if you couldn't become a Roadie, blame Dad for not bringing you up the "army way"

Bhanu - The tinga guy with 3 inches of hair to add on to his short stature, seemed fun, can be bounced around for entertainment, dont see him lasting too long on the show personally

Lesson learnt, polka dot boxers are GAY!

Vicky - Seemed awfully familiar, a quick flashback confirmed it, and as said, the guy has grown by leaps n' bounds since last year. This year, the guy seemed more forthright, more up to the challenge and owned up when he slipped. Respect. Interesting character to watch out for.. the guy has a streak of rage in him, that with his "uski zindagi barbaad kar dunga" answer

Lesson learnt, Doing a split can do wonders for your constipation.

But, the undisputed STAR of this week's episode was one Mr. Devarshi Patel

Y'know, at first glance - he is not AT ALL, what would come to your mind when you hear the word - 'Roadie', chubby, awkward, pretentious, slightly full of himself, in short he was a scrapbook short of being Vinay Pathak in Bheja Fry.

But, OMG! Was he fucking hilarious or what! The switching-to-glares to sing Rock On worse than Farhan did, the govinda-govinda-govinda (I was on the floor), the sad tale of one-sided love - all of it had me crying with laughter!

I have no clue how this guy is going to fit into the mould of the show, but goddamn it I am excited to see what he does! Props to the twins for going with their gut and picking this guy, even though it would have been an unpopular choice to the "roddys"

Lesson learnt, F***ING BE YOURSELF!!

Super kick-off! Bring on more!

To Hell and Back

MTV Roadies 6 : Ahmedabad Audition : 29 November : Part 4 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Ahmedabad Audition : 29 November : Part 3 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Ahmedabad Audition : 29 November : Part 2 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Ahmedabad Audition : 29 November : Part 1 Video

Last Chance To Be A Roadie Online Auditions Going On Now

Yes you heard it right its time to go online now baby.
you can give online auditions now for the deadliest reality show ever on indian television history. Yeh takla raghu bhi kya kya twist dikhata hai.....




Didn't get to audition for Roadies Hell Down Under? Well, the auditions aren't over until we say they are!

It's simple. Audition online, right here, right now.

1. Fill up the audition form.


and you can also

Upload an Introductory VIDEO (OPTIONAL) on YouTube or Email it to us at

*note: ONLY if you are emailing a video, the size should NOT be more than 10 MB. Also, make sure your video is around 1 MIN.

If you have any questions, log on to the Roadies Orkut Community

3. Submit your form.
click on this link below for audition forms

if you cant click just copy paste it in your adress bar above...enjoy!!!!!!!!

You can register till 09 oct 2008

MTV Roadies 6 : Mumbai Auditions Cancelled

Most of you guys are aware of the Delhi auditions fiasco. Some disruptive elements acted funny and we were left with no options than to cancel the auditions. It was a tough call, but the safety and security of the participants was paramount to us.

The catch is that this may now put extra pressure on the Mumbai auditions, considering we are expecting an even more overwhelming response. And we would not want any of you guys to go through the tedious process of standing in the queue from the night before all over again.

Which is why we have decided to cancel the Roadies Mumbai auditions.

That was the bad news. Now here's the good news.You can audition for Roadies Hell Down Under now from wherever you are, whenever you want. Yes, the auditions go online on The details would be on the site from tomorrow onwards.

Till then, keep the faith. And check on tomorrow.

It's my MTV!

Online Form For Delhi Audition

GUYS, There is some info about the Delhi Auditions on MTV Roadies official website....go n check....after you click on "Delhi Auditions" over there...they are asking you to fill up an online form...go n check it....

MTV Wassup Brings Delhi Audition Report

MTV Roadies 6 : Delhi Down Under Part 6 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Delhi Down Under Part 5 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Delhi Down Under Part 4 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Delhi Down Under Part 3 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Delhi Down Under Part 2 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : Delhi Down Under Part 1 Video

Delhi auditions Cancelled After Stampede

Delhi auditions of adventure reality TV show MTV 'Roadies' were cancelled on Friday when a group of young men barged into the auditorium and shattered windowpanes leading to a stampede. The police resorted to a cane-charge to disperse the agitating crowd.

About 5,000 people had gathered on Friday morning for the auditions of the sixth season of the popular show at the NCUI auditorium in south Delhi's Hauz Khas area. People, mostly youth, lined up at the venue since 7 am though the gates for the registration were thrown open only at 9 am.

Eyewitnesses said things were moving smoothly and group discussions had begun when suddenly a group of young men entered the main foyer area and started vandalising the premises by smashing windowpanes and turning chairs upside down.

They group also tried to damage a motorbike in the display area besides burning posters of the show.

The reason for the attack was not clear.

The organisers, who had deployed nearly 100 security men, called the police after they failed to control the mob and bring the situation under control.

"People started jumping across the wall, and there was a stampede. Suddenly in the foyer area, there were some 150 odd people who started acting funny and breaking things up," Vaibhav Vishal, associate vice president of Shows, MTV India, told IANS.

"They began to break the window panes and threw flower pots. They even damaged cameras. We realised that some guys were here just to create trouble and because the safety and security of the people were paramount to us, we decided to call off the auditions."

"Had we not stopped the auditions, those guys would have done some bodily harm to some people," said Vishal, who was facilitating the group discussions.

The audition in Delhi was the fifth of six being conducted in the country. Participants have already been selected from Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.

Seeing the situation getting out of control, the organisers called the police who resorted to a mild baton charge.

An eyewitness said that over 10 people were injured in the clash with the police. However, it could not be independently confirmed.

"I came here at 8 am with my friends and there was a huge rush. There was not enough space in the auditorium to accommodate everyone, which led to the problem.

"As we were waiting for our turn suddenly police began to baton-charge. Several people were injured as everyone tried to move out," said 20-year-old Shailey, whose friend Vibha was injured in the incident and rushed to the AIIMS trauma centre.

Anuj, a Delhi University student who had come for the audition, said: "Several people were injured in the cane-charge. I saw a woman bleeding profusely after a baton hit her head."

The participants also complained that there was no proper arrangement made at the audition venue to deal with the huge rush.

Ashish Patil, senior vice president and general manager MTV India, said around 5,000 people had turned up for the Delhi auditions.

"Even though all arrangements were in place, you can still never be sure with this kind of turnout. In the interest of everyone's safety, we have decided to cancel the Delhi leg of MTV Roadies auditions for now," Patil said.

Vishal said: "As for the baton charge, we cannot control the police. We had 100 security men of our own plus the Delhi Police. Enough security was there but after the chaos, we couldn't have controlled them. Baton charge was their decision."

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) H.G.S. Dhaliwal said: "There was no baton charge. In fact, our officers dealt with the situation very peacefully."

The organisers said they were assessing the scenario and trying to figure out how to get more people in. Every year at least three to four people from Delhi make it to the final top 13.

"We shall soon announce the alternate date and plan for the Delhi auditions," he added.

Delhi Audition : Cane Charge By Police

aaj tak ne pura coverage dikhaya hai kaise police ne crowd par cane charge kia....

What The Hell Happen In Delhi Audition...

Raghu And Rajeev Enjoy At Chandigarh Audition

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 10 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 9 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 8 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 7 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 6 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 5 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 4 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 3 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 2 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Chandigarh Audition Part 1 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Audition Part 6 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Audition Part 5 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Audition Part 4 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Audition Part 3 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Audition Part 2 Video

MTV Roadies 6 Ahmedabad Audition Part 1 Video

Roadies Auditions : A Overview Of Strategies

Roadies Auditions: A Overview Of Strategies
Only the worthy shall survive, but only the sensible shall progress

This is an effort to help all aspiring Roadies gain just a foothold in the auditions.I know countless personal experiences have been posted on individual auditions already but I want to sum up a few points that will hopefully help out all those who are warriors in the quest,but in search of a proper talisman.

Tip-1:Reach the venue as early as possible(preferably the night before)
Simple logic.The earlier you arrive the lesser queue you have infront of you.Think of it in this way..if the judges are moderating the GDs throughout the day..they will be more refreshed during the earlier ones than in the closing stages.So be among the front runners in the line,to get the advantage of more focus during the GDs

Tip-2:Do not enter in the same group as your friends
This is again rational thinking isnt it.Its obvious you want to be with your buddies but all of them being in the same GD reduces chance of selection as you fight against your friends not for them.So its advisable to stay alone and focus on strategies.

Tip-3:Carry the proper documents
For the nth time, the GD rounds need your age proof(birth certificate, voters ID and all-mark sheets wont do).The audition form must be filled in properly.
Passports are required only after selection so do not bother carrying them. If you havent made it ,make it before 12th October. Do not carry un necessary documents as it might be misplaced during the auditions.

Tip-4:Treat it as a Roadies GD,not an IIM campus drive
Do not be too formal.Try and connect with the issue and be creative with your points.
Sometimes,going beyond the tired and tested formula is an advantage of sorts.

Tip-5:Be presentable
Do not show signs that will put you off.The judges will sort out a particular trait in look forward to being pleasant and presentable,and not one whacked out psycho.The judges would prefer someone calm,composed and rational rather than a hothead.

Tip-6:Take clues from those around you
People around you are bound to make mistakes and give good points.Watch out for both.Be alert and rectify yourself from other's mistakes.If someone has made a good point,latch onto it and start giving your views.It will strengthen your chances.

Tip-7:Try and lead,rather than follow
A Roadies GD usually turns into a chaos.Now the choice is join in or to make it stop.Try and take the initiative to break up fights rather than get into senseless ones.Do not follow on a path,create a path for others to follow.Try and calm things down rather than boil things up.this will surely create a positive impression on the judges.

Tip-8:Be Yourself
This one has been mentioned innumerable times.At the end of the day,your next goal is the PI where you will be analysed for who you are,rather than who you try to be.
Keep it real and be yourself,do not try to fake an image and just remember no one is perfect.Will all the flaws,you are still uniquely special.Try and exploit your strengths so that at the end of the day,it is you as a person that comes out a winner, scoring over a stereotyped image.

This was an effort to make the things just a less hectic for you guys.Hope some of these do help you in pushing the barrier.Best of luck to all those who are appearing for the auditions

Let the true heroes be chosen from the conquest

MTV Roadies 6 :Bangalore Auditions Images, Pics

MTV Roadies 6 :Bangalore Auditions : Day 1 Shortlist

Bangalore Day 1 - Shortlist

M-1678-Sudeep Singh
F-1099-Ramya Jawahar
M-1155-Varun Singh Huda
M-2254-Syed Tauseff Pasha
M-1865-Rupesh Kataria
F-1057-Shruti Gupta
F-1126-Gurmeet Kaur
M-2261-Manish Chahal
M-1808-Biswarup Dey
M-2527-Chirag Aggarwal
M-2288-Jay Mohan
M-1481-Hari Shetty
M-2037-Nauman Sait

Download RBG Videos


The video is divided in 3 parts....links below....





Twinkle...RBG task 8

The task 8 video link:

The bonus video link:

RBG : ROOP's new Task

RBG: Comm task 7 Videos
1) Deepti

2) Raj

3) Dinkar

4) Pronoy

5) Soumya

6) Abhishek

7) Hina

8) Prateek

9) Rajvir

MTV Roadies 6 :Kolkata Auditions : Day 1 Shortlist

Kolkata Auditions - Day 1 Shortlist
1. M-1970 Kusan Kamal
2. F-1062 Priyanka Chanda
3. M-1036 Tusan Dayal
4. F-1026 Reema Dutta
5. M-1730 Amindra Singh
6. F-1066 Gurpreet kaur
7. M-1291 Harpreet Tuteja
8. F-1012 Varsha Havelia
9. M-1308 Sharique A. Khan
10. F-1554 Pragya paromita
11. M-2318 Kirit Timu
12. M-1474 Shaumik Gey
13. M-2189 Rohan Shah
14. M-1146 Somnath Bhattacharya
15. M-2287 Nitin Sharma
16. F-1178 Paolomi Dey
17. M-1038 Rahul Malhotra
18. F-1174 Ambreen Khatoon
19. F-1024 Anindyee Dhar
20. M-1513 Majid Sardar
21. M-2179 Sandipan Gosh

MTV Roadies 6 Theme Song

I like u, gud looking log bahut dekhe,smart, intelligent log to bahut dekhe hai magar tujh jaisa boring aadmi aajtak nahi dekha.......

Ghar se hum chale bas ek backpack aur ek guitar,
paiso ki fikar nahi,bike pe hum sawaar,
raho ki hai khabar na manzil ka hai pata,
phir bhi chal diye,jane ab hoga kya

Jeet lenge aaj

Ghar se hum chale bas ek backpack aur ek guitar,
paiso ki fikar nahi,bike pe hum sawaar

Jeet lenge aaj

Gali sunna acha lagta hai na tujhe ,looks nahi personality bhi nahi u r not getting dude,u r just boring,yaar aisa kar tu bahut thak gaya hu apna gal zor se mere hath pe mar plz….bhag yaha se

Hai ye aadhi par cutting hai zindagi,
kal thi easy ab kathin hai zindagi,
ghar pe baithe dosto ko kya mila
hai safar ye manchalo ka silsila,
jane kaha lejayega, khwabo ka hai ye karawan,
jo chal sako tum bhi chalo yaaro,
apni hi dhun me main chala

Jeet lenge aaj

Teri personality bahut achi hai filmo me kyo nahi jata,achi heroine banega tu

Ab kisi bhi bat ka mujhe dar nahi,
mushkilo se hi to hai himmat meri,
khelni hai aakhri bazi yahi,
ab safar hi ban gayi manzil meri

Raste wahi rahi naye,rate wahi sapne naye,
jo hum chale chalte gaye yaro,chulo lenge hum aasman

Jeet lenge aaj
Jeet lenge aaj
Jeet lenge aaj
Jeet lenge aaj

Roadies Auditions: Raghu's Mantra

Just wanted to wish all of you all the best. Remember the Roadies Rule # 1: BE YOURSELF. Do not push yourself too hard. And at the same time, do not play the meek kid on the block as well. Be firm. Be clear. Speak in Hindi, but do not try shuddha Hindi, please. Do not try becoming more MTV than MTV itself. And do not say "Yo MTV" EVER! Dress right. Again, do not play the rapper and at the same time, do not look like someone who has come for a bank interview.

Since I belong to this, it would be a shame if none of the guys make it to the final 20. I am pinning all my hopes on you guys. So do not let me down. On my part, let me play favorites here and share with you a singular tip that may really help. Do ensure that the judge who is taking your GD takes out one particular aspect of your personality. When we sit in a room full of people, we typically write small notes on their personality types. You could be the "sweet, homely girl" or the "irritating cocky bastard" or the "nerdish book worm" or the "eternal good guy" or the "country bumpkin" or the "rich urban bitch" or the "tharki small towner" or the "sex fatakadi" or the "arrogant sonofabitch"... you get the drift, right? Make it a point to convey what you are. Again, do not try too hard. But keep this at the back of your mind. I promise you it would help.

It would help you in distinguishing yourself from the rest of the people. It would help us in zeroing down on you in case your personality type matches or clashes with anybody else in our list. Think about it when you are in the GD. At the risk of getting repetitive, will say it again: Do not try too hard. We are smart enough to know if and when you do that.

I may get to see some of you during the auditions. Sounds like fun already.

Mtv Roadies 5.0 Uncensored Video 2

Mtv Roadies 5.0 Uncensored Video 1

Aniket And Roop On MTV Super Select

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 7 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 6 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 5 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 4 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 3 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 2 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 1 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 1 Video

MTV Cheat Codes : Part 1 Video

MTV Roadies 6 : FAQ (Roadies Down Under) Queries Answered

1.How do I Download the Audition Form?
Follow Three Steps to get the audition form.
Audition Form:
1.Download the form.
Its zipped. If you have Win-Rar you can extract the files. To do so right click on the icon and select "Extract Here".
Incase you don’t have Win-Rar.
Incase you don’t have Win-Rar, here it is:

2.After you extract the zipped file, you'll see two PDF pages.
You need an Adobe Reader to view it.
Incase you don’t have Adobe Reader, here it is:

3.Get the print-out of both the PDF pages.
It’s not compulsory to get the color printout.

2.What are the things I need to carry at the time of audition?
1. Please carry your filled in form at audition venue. (Registration Number will be issued at the time of audition)
2. Don’t forget to carry any of the age proof doc. (Driving License, Passport, Birth Certificate etc).
Original Copies of documents will be preferred. Photocopies will do.

3. Is it necessary to have a valid driving license?
It's compulsory for the GUYS to have a valid driving license, not so for the GIRLS. Incase you don’t have a driving license at the time of the audition, take some other age proof and ensure that you would get your license done by the last date of auditions in Mumbai, i.e. the 12th of October.

4.Can I carry college ID / Office ID as age proof?
No. You can not carry them. Only valid age proofs are:
a. Driving License
b. Birth Certificate
c. Passport
d. Voters ID.

5.What’s the duration of entire shoot for Roadies Down Under?
It’s roughly Mid October to End November. Read Audition form carefully. It says you need to commit yourself from 15 Oct to 15 Nov

6. If I am selected as Roadies will MTV help me getting International Driving License?
Yes MTV will help you getting one.

7. What is “Round 1” in Roadies auditions?
Its Group Discussion (GD) - - Round 1
Personal Interview (PI) - - - - Round 2
Depending upon turnout at the venue the can be 2 rounds of GD.

8. Do we get the results on same day?
On Day 1 GDs will happen and you will get the short listed names for PI on same day.
On Day 2 PI round will be conducted.

9. When do the gates open at the venue?
The gates will open at 9 AM or thereabout. The queues will start assembling much earlier though, so it is advised that you be there around 7AM atlest.

10.Who will the Judges at the auditions?
See you there friends. Don’t worry who will be there. JUST BE YOURSELF!!

11. Do all the registered members get a chance at audition?
Yes All the registered ones will be taken for GD round.
You will be registered till the time registration is not closed for the venue.

12. Are audition forms available at the venue?
They will be available at the venue also and they are also available online. Just download it, print it and bring it to the audition. If possible get it FILLED.

13.I have a Hero Honda Karizma Bike. Do I have advantage?
You never know. For now: NO OFFICIAL news on this.

14.DO I need to carry valid driving license of 1st day of Auditions?
On first day of auditions you need valid AGE PROOF and AUDITION FORM..If selected for PI, you will need to produce VALID PERMANANT DRIVING LICENSE.
PS: Learning License won’t do.

15.Is passport necessary?
At the time of the auditions, its not necessary to have a passport. Incase you get selected you can get it via the TATKAL facility.

16.Is Roadies open for only Indian nationals?
Yes. Participation is open only to Indian nationals, except employees of Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd., the respective contest sponsor on MTV and MTV Online.

- - - -
PS: If you are not 18 year old. It doesn’t matter how capable you are or whether you have it in you to be a ROADIE. YOU CAN NOT AUDITION!!!

So Don’t even Attempt faking your age or acting oversmart in fooling Roadies Team.

Example :
i seriously want to become a roadie and i am confident enough that if am selected in the GD the there are very much chance of mine to get selected in the interview but the problem is that i will be 18 on nov 16 what should i do please give an answer and what happens if somehow i enter in the gd by showing the photocopy of some else DL and tell it raghu later if i survived till the interview.

IT WON’T HELP. Audition for Roadies when you legally turn 18 Year old.

Raghu To Judge Roadies With Twin Brother Rajiv

Season six of MTV Roadies promises many more twists, and twice as much of Raghu Ram as well

If you found one Raghu Ram a bit hard to take on MTV’s Roadies, there’s some bad news in store. On the sixth season of the dramatic adventure reality show Raghu’s identical twin Rajeev Laxman will join him to create even more hell for the contestants. “Every year we take the show to another level. This time we have upped the stakes even further,” smiles Raghu, the irreverent boss of the Roadies, and Associate VP, MTV shows. With the number of roadies increased to 20 and the prize money doubled to Rs 10 lakhs, contestants are in for hell Down Under with difficult tasks on the deadly terrains of Austalia and biting observations and sheer wrath from the Raghu-Rajeev duo.

Rajeev— who has been part of the casting process of the Roadies for the last four years— agreed to even turn bald for the show on Raghu’s insistence. Hard to tell the two apart, Rajeev will now be introduced to the viewers for the first time. “Roadies is not just about the money. It’s a badge that makes people discover a side to them that they didn’t even know of,” adds Rajeev, who appears to be almost as aggressive as his twin. “Actually I’m more violent and Raghu is more aggressive,” smiles Rajeev wickedly. “But we use these characteristics only to push the buttons of the contestants to get their reaction.”

But what really prompted them to bring the twist of the twins? “Over the past years people have started observing my behavioral pattern. So essentially, now with both of us appearing on the show, the contestants will not know who they are dealing with,” adds Raghu with a smile.

While it’s the curses and abuses by Raghu that have made contestants quake with fear and seethe in anger in the past, some of the past roadies have overcome it all and even found alternative careers in the course of it. While Rannvijay, Bani J and Ayushmann all became VJs on the channel, others like Ashutosh Kaushik went on to participate in Big Boss and Shambhavi Sharma has been roped in for a Suniel Shetty movie.

However, MTV Roadies— the only Indian format to be licensed abroad by the ARY Pakistan— will journey through every place from Great Barrier Reef to the Great Outback this year. “It’s a scientific fact that there are more ways of dying of natural causes in Australia than anywhere else in the world,” quips Ashish Patil, GM, MTV India. While their parameters to zero in on the tasks include dangerous topography, Patil agrees imbibing the local culture is as important. While there might be the Roadies Cheat Code DVD available in the market to crack the auditions, Raghu still warns, “Fakes not allowed. I don’t like people who plan. You need to be real and we’ll take it from there.”

If you thought it was Raghu walking in to twist things at Splitsvilla, MTV’s reality show about love, here’s a trivia —it was Rajeev. Expect the unexpected.

Delhi auditions from October 3- 5 at NCUI Auditorium

Exclusive Walk The Talk With Rannvijay

V had a chance to catch Rannvijay Up close and Personal, where he talks about what’s closest to his heart and stays in his jeans pocket, his passions besides bikes and Women ;-), and what we can maybe expect in Roadies 6.0.

So guys check out this video and comment on wat do u think about it….

SHOCKING VIDEO, Get Thrilled By Seeing 2 Raghu's


If you are saying YES then see this video and think TWICE THRICE....and many time...

Because in MTV Roadies 6 you will see Raghu's twin brother RAJIV in MTV Roadies 6 Auditions.

AND he is more deadly, brutle, smart & most of all Intelligent than our Raghu...

So, you don't believe it....


MTV Roadies 6 Kolkata Auditions on 17 Sep : Are You Ready ?

Hey guys,

First auditions for Roadies 6 - Hell Down under to be held in KOLKATA on 17th Sep.

We are here to get some rough idea about how many of the active community members will be there at KOLKATA auditions.We have seen enough of active members from Kolkata and near by places who has contributed a lot for the community to maintain its charm throughout.

Few things to be kept in mind:

-- Please carry your filled in form at audition venue.
-- Dont forget to carry any of the age proof doc.(DL, Passport,Birth Certificate etc).


As we are expecting a lot of participants from the evergreen city, pull up your socks to reach the audition venue well on time.

Errr...Well before time indeed.

PS:- Participants with a Karizma might get some advantage. Is this a rumour ?


MTV Roadies 6 : Hell Down Under : Group Discussion Tips

Here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts for the Roadies: Hell Down Under Group Discussions:


- Be calm. During the GD, try to remain calm and maintain your composure.
- Be specific. Whenever you get a chance to speak, stay to the topic and be specific. Remember: It is the QUALITY of your talks that are being judged and NOT quantity.
- Be polite. If you want to contradict another participant on his/her views, start with a sentence like ‘ I understand your point of view but I think that (your view)’ or ‘ I agree with your thoughts but the way I see it is (your view)’
- Make opportunities for you to talk. If there is utter chaos in the GD and no one is listening to each other, turn to the GD moderator and ask his/her permission to speak. This will automatically silence the other participants and also give you a chance to put forth your views. (Don’t forget to thank the GD moderator)


- Yell.Yelling and screaming what you have to say doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting your message across.
- Argue. Arguing or fighting with another participant to prove your point sometimes might make a negative impact.
- Speak Gibberish. Remove the notion from your head that talking more is going to make an impression on the judges.
- Target participants. Targeting a particular participant and putting allegations or making personal comments is a big NO-NO.
- Interrupt. NEVER interrupt another participant when they are talking. It is highly uncordial.

MTV Roadies 6 Audition Form - Registration Form


This is your last chance to BACKOFF...

Which we think you should take it...